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March 2007 Fan

Amy Warnke

Amy is a strayed sheep that has come back to the fold, that is, she is an old hardcore RHPS fan that faded away from the mainstream cast scene, but still involves herself in Rocky Horror now and then.

Amy first started seeing and performing the show at Cinema 35 in Paramus, NJ with the Paramus cast. She performed as Janet for the most part, but also does Magenta, Rocky, Frank N. Furter, Brad, and Trixie, and for Shock Treatment she is both Ansalong and Brenda.

Amy is a "jack of all trades" when it comes to the show. She enjoys making her costumes as screen-accurate as she can (and also sold a number of them to various casts over the years) as well as props, likes to adhere to screen-accurate makeup and performance, and has no problem doing lights or helping with costume changes or hauling scenery. Amy is an energetic bumblebee at the show, and does everything she can to help out.

Amy's involvement also goes beyond the regular weekly show at the theater. She had attended and performed at a number of Rocky Horror conventions, always enjoys driving to other shows and watch and cheer, and when the show at Cinema 35 closed, Amy made the transition to the New York City cast. Once there, she started performing in the live shows that the NYC cast does and appeared at many famous nightspots over the years such as Limelight, CBGB's, Palladium, Wetlands, Paddles, The Vault, Mars, and more. Amy also had the good fortune to perform in the one and only Rocky Horror Picture Show in 3-D back in the early 90's, as well as marching in the NYC Halloween and Gay Pride parades for many years. Amy also was an assistant with the first dozen issues of the longest running RHPS fanzine, Crazed Imaginations.

Amy's RHPS days ended when she began college: there was always time to see the show now and then, but not to commit to a weekly performance. After graduation came a new job and a new life, and Amy and Rocky Horror parted ways permanently... or so it was thought. We bumped into Amy recently, and she looks just as cute as ever. She goes to see the show every now and them, and especially enjoyed seeing the show on Broadway a few years back. Rocky Horror will always hold a very special place in her heart and her memories, and when she thinks back of those years of her life, she does so with love and happiness.

"I had a lot of fun, it was great", she said when asked to sum the whole experience up in one sentence.

So let's hear it for Amy Warnke, once voted "coolest girl in the whole world" by the 4 year old son of a fellow cast member! :)

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