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September 1999 Fan

Kevin McCreesh

Updated May 2006

Kevin McCreesh has been on the Rocky scene since 1992. One night during a show in Greenwich Village his friends suggested he audition, after reading a playbill where the NYC cast were looking for new members. He felt like he could do the show because he was familiar with Rocky for years before he had ever seen it in the theater and was always a big fan. He found the cast to be his new family and most of his best friends today were met through the show. He says, "There are always people in Rocky who come and go but when you find a good friend at the show, they pretty much stay with you forever." Rocky was a big change in his lifestyle. "I worked in the city for years, but never really got around to enjoying it as much until I got into the cast. I played basketball for school all the time and never really partied. I finally got the chance to be with people who liked the same kind of things." Kevin started performing as Rocky, but his favorite character is Brad Majors. "I associate with Brad the most because I was a pretty big geek when I was in school." Kevin admits he is still a big geek, but it only shows through when he plays Brad (Maybe too well!). Kevin was also a regular Frank'N'Furter for the cast and has played the roles of Riff-Raff and Trixie, as well as Magenta and Janet on special occasions. Being a Brad fan has led him into the role of Brad's twin brother Farley Flavors, for the Official Shock Treatment Fan Club Cast. "I like playing the role of Farley because it's such the opposite of Brad and it's a change from RHPS."

Over the years Kevin has performed in several national RHPS conventions and has met people from Rocky Horror casts through out the world. "It is such a great feeling when I get together with these people who do the same thing I do every Friday and Saturday at midnight." "I look forward to every convention now, not so much for Rocky Horror, but to see the good people I have met." Kevin can usually be seen at conventions wearing his leather jacket, which features an airbrushed picture of Brad Majors on the back. The jacket has been signed by many cast members in the RHPS world along with the signatures of various stars from the film. There is even a space reserved for Barry Bostwick's signature on the back. "Hey, I'm proud to walk around with a big 'asshole' on the back of my jacket!" (Yeah, I know how that sounds...)

Kevin attended college in Manhattan at the Fashion Institute of Technology for Illustration. In the years that he has been with the cast Kevin has used his artistic skills and ideas to promote Rocky Horror by drawing flyers and producing the weekly playbills for the NYC Cast. Kevin's artwork has also been featured in the Crazed Imaginations Fanzine and the "Lips" Cast newsletter in Japan. Kevin designed and produced the T-shirts (both RHPS and Shock Treatment designs) for the 1998 New York City Rocky Horror Convention.

Memorable moments for Kevin include winning several Costume Contests for best "Rocky Horror" costume, showing his Rocky artwork to Richard O'Brien at a Fangoria convention, being on the RuPaul show with the NYC Cast, doing a Rocky Horror commercial and live show at Planet Hollywood for VH-1 and performing in a super Shock Treatment show at the Anaheim Con in 1997. Kevin is also grateful to have shared the stage with a great cast made up of many of the old 8th Street players including Ron Maxwell, Bob Brader, Mad Man Mike, Bill Brennan, Phil "Boy Genius" Dejean, and Perre Poley. Kevin has made many lasting friendships through the show and will always remember how much of a positive influence Rocky Horror has made on his life.

Kevin is currently enlisted in the United States Navy, stationed aboard the USS Nimitz. He hopes to one day direct films and publish some of his stories. He plans to return to the one and only city he loves, New York and rejoin the cast, his friends and family.

Kevin has visited home on a short term basis over the years when he has had leave from his Navy duties. During his visits he does what any other New York City boy does: spends time with family, gets a drink or two or three or more at MacArthur's Pub on Grove Street in Greenwich Village (a favorite haunt of Kevin's, the place has great music, pretty girls and strong drinks), visits with a pretty girl or two, and of course, attends a screening or two of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

"I always like seeing the cast, it feels like coming home after you've been away for so long. It's like hot dogs (pronounced "hot dawgs"): you can eat a hot dog any place in the world, but when you eat a New York City dog, you know you gotta fuckin' REAL hot dog." The joke here is that Kevin said this during a recent trip home: he went to see the NYC cast, had a great time, got drunk at MacArthur's with a hottie at his side, and made the happy comment about the cast as he wolfed down a couple of dogs from "Grey's Papaya" on 6th Avenue and 8th Street, just a few feet away from the site of the old 8th Street Playhouse.

As of June 2006, Kevin will be deployed to the Middle East, to Kuwait, and will be returning back home for another visit some time in 2007.

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