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May 1999 Fan

Theresa Distasi

Theresa Distasi is a true Rocky Horror success story - she started out in a small cast in the suburbs of NJ and rose up to be one of the Cast Directors of the NYC cast, someone who is known and respected internationally in the scene and she is also a sweet person.

Theresa started out in a small cast here her talents as a performer, costume maker and prop person weren't appreciated. (At the time, the cast she was in was a "who you know" not a "how good you are for the show" cast.) Frustrated with being held back, Theresa started shopping around for another cast, and the NYC cast was lucky enough to scoop her up before anyone else did. She began as a part time Magenta and soon her talents were obvious and she started playing weekly. From there she only went up - her abilities to make props, costumes, and performing soon catapulted her to the position of one of the three cast directors. Besides being one of the high "muckytimucks" and a great Magenta, she is also a wonderful Trixie (in full usherette garb) and performs a number of wonderful preshows including "Mein Heir" from Cabaret and the Indian in the all female YMCA preshow.

But Theresa's talents do not stop there! The girl has hung out with a number of Rocky Horror Stars! She did "elbow sex" with Richard O'Brien on stage at the 20th anniversary and has hung out with ROB on 2 of his NYC visits, she has chatted with Nell and had the good fortune to spend a long afternoon with famous RHS Frank-N-Furter, Anthony Head. Theresa has attend and perform in many of the conventions in both Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment, and is friendly with a number of casts the world over.

Not bad for a girl that started in Jerkwater Burg in NJ, eh?

Theresa is currently auditioning for a Broadway production of "Cabaret" and is also a very recognized person in the Greenwich Village nightclub scene. (You can see her as Magenta with Bill Brennan as Bert Schnick every Saturday night, dancing and drinking on the main stage with the rest of the club kidz at the world famous Limelight Club.

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