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March 1999 Fan


I went to see RHPS for the first time in 1986 in my hometown of Modesto, CA. I was twelve years old, and I went with my dad and my two brothers. I was completely amazed by everything from the movie, the cast, and the audience. The next week, when I asked my dad to take us again, he sort of laughed and said no. So it was a couple more years before I was able to go again. I started going off and on until around 1991 when Modesto stopped showing it.

After five years without Rocky, they finally showed it on Halloween weekend, 1996. Since it had been so long, there was no cast there to perform. Fortunately, I remembered most of the movie from when I used to go, and I was pretty drunk when I got there, I decided to start one by pulling people out of the audience. I performed in three shows that weekend, and I was hooked.

At the show that weekend, I met Nate Havoc and Bridgid McGuiness, who were then regulars in the Berkeley audience. Shortly after, they took me to see it there. We tried to get a theatre closer to home to show Rocky, but none would take us up on it. We did several shows in Sacramento, and several guest performances around the bay area. Finally, in November, '97, we decided to join Barely Legal in Berkeley. Nate and Bridgid became directors, and I became the cast whore. I think I ended up with the better job.

As well as performing with Barely Legal, I have also performed with casts such as The Bawdy Caste in Fremont, The Vicarious Theatre Company in Seattle, and The NYC Cast in New York. I have played every role except Magenta, Riff, and Crim. However, my main role is Rocky, and that's what I seem to play every fucking week, and I won the costume contest for Rocky at the Rockycon in Vegas last year.

Besides Rocky, I also play Oscar Drill with the Northern CA Shock Treatment Cast, Sex in Theatre 5. I played Oscar at the Vegas Con, and will most likely play him at the conventions in Denver and London this year, as well as at an ST show in Seattle when they get that scheduled. Apparently, I also like to travel.

When I am actually not doing anything Rocky related, I spend time with my sons, Blake and Nathan. I also work full time for a mail order warehouse, which is putting me through school. I'm a math major at CSU Stanislaus, and I'll graduate in May. My hobbies outside of Rocky include vinyl punk records, anything star wars (especially stormtroopers), comic books, and girls.

If you feel like dropping me a line, you can e-mail me at or check out our website at berkeley sucks.

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