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August 1998 Fan

Josh & Sachiko Thomas

Josh Thomas Josh & Sachiko Thomas met, fell in love and married at Rocky Horror in Denver, Colorado. Both have been into the RHPS scene and members of "Dynamic Tension" for a number of years. Josh is a Riff Raff for RH and a Cosmo & Farley Flavors for Shock Treatment. Sachiko plays Magenta & Columbia for RH and Nurse Ansalong for ST. They will be performing together in both the RHPS and ST at the upcoming Las Vegas and Denver Conventions.

Sachiko Thomas This husband and wife team love doing the shows for the same reasons: "Love of performing, love of the shows, getting to know new people, comraderie, and lots of fun!"

Josh and Sachiko are also two very cool people and two of the better talents here in the States.

Hoopla Josh & Sachiko!

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