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July 1998 Fan

Nell Capoll

Nell Capoll is a cute little thing from the United Kingdom. As one may assume from her first name, she is one of the biggest Nell "Columbia" Campbell fans in the world, and of course, her favorite character is Columbia. Nell also enjoys a certain other advantage to playing Columbia-for all of me, the girl can look almost exactly like Nell Campbell herself once the make up is applied. Without make up, she looks like a teenaged version of our favorite groupie.

Nell is "a fans fan." First, she directs and performs in her own cast, the "Wild and Untamed Things." (also in this cast is the very popular UK Magenta "Magenta McKinley," by the way!) The cast itself is small but growing, and always in search of other like minded people in the area to join up and share the fun.

Nell also runs her own fan magazine, "Science Fiction Double Feature." SFDF, like "The Denton Case News,", "Crazed Imaginations", and "Magenta Magazine", is one of the better fanzines out there. Each issue is large, upwards of 10 to fifteen pages, and each issue is filled with artwork (LOTS of artwork) fun stories, puzzles, trivia, photos, and other fun stuff. (I would buy it for the fun stuff alone!). Nell is also dedicated to the show, and is always updating her costumes, make up, and performance. She is a fan that holds RH in her heart and soul, and is something of a really sweet girl to boot, and over the last five years she has made many friends in the Rocky Horror scene. (among some of the fun things she has incorporated into the scene is her "Rocky Horror Horoscopes", some of which are truly accurate, her poetry, and her very detailed costume tips.) Anyone writing to Nell for correspondance, info on her fanzine, or for news about the RH scene in her area will find that the price of the stamp to be a small investment for the return in fun they will get.

A super-big HOOPLA to Nell Capoll, "funnest Columbia in the UK!"

To contact Nell, drop a line to:

Flat 12
86 Park Rd
Blackpool, Lancs

Return postage or two IRC's is always a cool idea. Hoopla!

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