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January 1998 Fan

Hilary Bernstein

of the New York City RHPS Cast

Hilary is a prime example of a "well-rounded" fan/cast member. The girl has done it all, from the bottom to the top. She first attended Rocky Horror back in the mid-80's at the old 8th Street Playhouse. She attended the show a number of times but moved on to other things. Then in 1992 she came back to watch the show. She was dating a Brad/Rocky at the time, and graduated from audience member to lighting tech after a few weeks. Hilary became very well known as a valued cast member, and it wasn't long before she started to do Janet. Time passed and Hilary and her old boyfriend separated and a new man and character came into her life. She started dating and fell in love with her cast director and main Brad, Ron Maxwell. Magenta became her main character and she retired her Janet.

More time passed and more changes. Hilary had by now graduated to assistant cast director and was performing her now-famous* "It's Raining Men" pre-show at the Friday and Saturday night shows at her theater, The Village East Cinema. *(Famous, as Hilary wears a scanty costume under her trench coat and she is also, shall we say, well-endowed in the bosom department.)

Hilary has also performed at the 20th Anniversary convention, been on VH-1 Halloween Night (1997) and has become an irreplacable part of the New York City Cast! One of the highlights of Hilary's career has been sticking her tits in Barry Bostwick's face and saying "Hi!" during the costume contest at the 20th Anniversary. Lighting tech, audience member, cool Janet, even cooler Magenta, half of the directorship and an all-around talented woman! Hoopla Hilary!

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