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April 1997 Fan

Lorraine McClement

Lorraine McClement (or "Columbia of the North" as she is sometimes known) is one of the more dedicated Rocky Horror Picture Show fans. To be blunt, Lorraine does it all: performs in and manages her cast, contributes often and generously to the RHPS fanzine scene, does out-of-the-theatre Rocky Horror events, makes her own RH dolls... well, the girl's a fan and make no mistake.

Lorraine performs in her cast at the May Fair Theatre in Ottawa, Ontario. The name of the cast is "Orgasmic Rush" and has performed at the May Fair for the last three years.

Rocky Horror, however, was there long before that. it first started at the Mayfair in 1992 which is when Lorraine first got into the scene. She went each and every time she could, which was almost every showing, and fell in love with Columbia. Two years later during a performance, someone got up and started to do the show. Out of the crowd came another person, and another, and pretty soon, she was up there too, doing Columbia's part.

That night, Lorraine started to round up these people and "Orgasmic Rush" was born.

Their costumes are all accurate, but Lorraine's is truely outstanding. Her top hat, tailcoat, shorts, tap shoes, ect., all show her dedication to detail. But costumes are not her only talent.

Lorraine is good with a pen and pencil, and her word finds and wonder "Columbia cross-over" drawings are quite famous in the Manhattan based Rocky Horror Picture Show fanzine "Crazed Imaginations." Columbia is the center of her creative talent, and the Pink Panther, Smurfette, and other cartoon characters have often appeared in Columbia garb, not to mention "The Snowman", a character Lorraine created that seems to have taken a life of its own.

What more can we say? Lorraine is an official Fan Club representitive, has 1/2 performed Rocky at her local Gay Community Center, produced her own Rocky Horror Dolls, and submits often and well to the scene in general.

Hoopla Lorraine, Columbia of the North!

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