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March 1997 Fan

Claire Douglas

Claire in a chair Claire Douglas is a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan to the core. Claire has been around for quite a while, and anyone who is into the RHPS Fanzine scene knows her name, as she has run MAGENTA MAGAZINE out of Australia for some years. Mag Mag is one of the older fanzines, and one of the best known. Claire's flair for design and writing and her ability to keep fresh material flowing out to RH fans all over the world is most impressive.

I've been writing to Claire for a while now, and when it was her turn up at bat for the Monthly Fan Profile, I asked her for some background stuff that we had not yet covered yet, and here it is! So let's sit back and learn a bit about one of Rocky Horror's most enthusiastic supporters, not only "down under" in Australia but also from all over...

Name: Claire Douglas, lives in Bellerive, a suburb of Tasmania, Australia. She holds a BA (Hons) in English from the University of of Tas. Her career interests include editing, scriptwriting, publishing, proof reading, and among her other interests outside Rocky are comedy, film, literature, the Internet, and the occult.

Claire has been a RH fan since she was 16. She likes to dress up as Magenta at Rocky Horror parties, and likes to perform, but her real interest is in being an organizer, not a performer.

She is also very big on memorabilia - as a matter of fact, she owns an incredible amount of merchandise - videos, badges, CDs, tapes, posters, t-shirts, books, key rings, bookmarks, sew-on patches, photos, postercards, theater programs, trading cards, magazines, and more!

And of course there is her fanzine, Magenta Magazine. It features stories, puzzles, reviews, artwork, costume tips, and more. It's been in publication since December 1993 and is the only Australian full-time fanzine. You can contact Claire thru the address below and get information on Mag Mag.

And as a subnote, I would like to add that Claire has proven herself to be one of the nicest Rocky Horror fans I've met. She has written me some wonderful letters, been a provider of much information concerning the scene, and is certainly a person other Rocky fans would wish to speak to.

Hoopla Claire Douglas of Magenta Magazine!

Magenta Magazine

$6 Austrailian (ch./m.o./i.m.o. payable to C. Douglas.
$6 U.S. (ch./m.o. payable to Sal Piro) plus 10 IRC's.
£3 British (ch./m.o. payable to J. Hussey) plus 10 IRC's.
For Four Issues. (Australian Price Includes Postage)

Send all Correspondence to:

Magneta Magazine
c/o C. Douglas
3 Alexandria Esplanade

Please Enclose an SAE (Australia) or IRC (outside Australia) for reply.

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