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September 1996 Fan

James Norman

Rocky Horror first became part of my life in 1987. I had met Chris Ambler through his BBS (what we used to have instead of "The Net") systems, seen the poster in his apartment, got teased about being a "virgin" (and I thought they were talking about sex) and then put Rocky at the back of my mind.

A few months later, I had seen The Witches of Eastwick and was very impressed with Susan Sarandon in that film. So one night, when I got off work REALLY early, I logged onto my friend's BBS and typed a message to him to call me if he wanted to go see Rocky Horror 70 miles away in Santa Barbara. He was more than anxious for the chance to "devirginize" me. I had not expected either the live cast or the audience participation, and being completely in the dark as what to expect made the experience that much more exciting and shocking.

Over the next 2 1/2 years I would only get to see the film 20 times in a theater (the only times that I count -- I have been about 290-295 times), and well over a hundred on a bootleg video. Then after Christmas of 1989 I moved to Tucson where I only had to travel a few miles to see it at the Loft Cinema. At this time, I joined the cast and played Eddie, The Criminologist, Rocky, Brad and for almost 3 years, Dr. Scott. Playing Brad however was my favorite role, and at the TV taping in 1993, Sal Piro [the RH Fan Club Prez] even pulled me aside to help tape the commercial break announcements (unaired) because I had a great Brad "Wedding Scene" costume on. In 1991 I became Tucson's fan club representative for Tucson giving up that position to Amber West after our theater reopening in 1994. In 1993 the Loft Cast did an AIDS benefit for the Tucson AIDS Project, and while I managed to lay some of the groundwork to get the permission, etc., Kate Pitroff and hubby Jon Morris did most of the work (and also provided some of the pictures of me here.) I would like to publicly thank them here for finishing what I was not able to.

Now, I just pride myself on being a fan and enjoying the experience. But I remembered my old cast days, and started a project called THE ROCKY HORROR SOURCEBOOK, which will be available both on the net and from the fan club in October. I enjoy Chatting and, as of recently, trading with Rocky fans around the world, has become an enjoyable hobby along with collecting the foreign cast albums. I once even asked Sal Piro about these six ancient foreign albums and he told me I would never be able collect them. Never tell me "never" -- so far I am up to five of six. Now, I am looking into the licensing of a box set with these six recordings in it. (Talk about impossible tasks -- we'll see if it actually gets done by mid-1998, my target date!)

The highlight of my Rocky Horror career came last year when I met both Patricia Quinn and Richard O'Brien at the 20th Anniversary party. My encounter with Patricia was particularly funny because I met her wearing only my underwear and a smile (I was to play Brad in the "laboratory scenes" on the Pantages stage!) Well, needless to say I caught Pat only a few short minutes before I was to go on. Her first words to me were "Oh my, a naked man in my room!" in that Magenta matter-of-fact tone of voice. I don't think she has ever seen anyone turn THAT red, THAT quickly. It was great!

To find out more about ROCKY IN TUCSON, visit the TC or you can also find out a little more about me personally.

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