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July 1996 Fan

Mark Tomaino

• Alma Mater: California State University Fullerton (Former president of campus Psychology Club.)
• Occupation: President, Interactive Concepts International, Irvine, CA
• Marital Status: Divorced
• Sun Sign: Leo
• Sexual Orientation: Straight
• E-mail:

Mark Tomaino is the senior Advisor for Midnight Insanity which performs Saturdays at the Art Theatre in Long Beach and Fridays at the Family Twin in Cypress.

Mark owns and operates a dating service called InTouch for Singles. He has been in that industry since 1982. He recently purchased the company where he had formerly been an employee. To date, InTouch has employed FORTY ONE cast members at one time or another. "It is sort of the Midnight Insanity Works Program. If I ever expand to another city, I will not advertise for help wanted. I will hire from the local cast. They seem to have the best qualifications for my offbeat type of business."

While not yet successful at romance himself, Mark has dedicated his life to helping others find love and happiness. "I figure if I help enough other people get what they want, I will eventually get what I want." Very few doubt that Mark gets what he wants, as he arrives at each show in his chauffeur driven black limousine and prepares for an evening of absolute pleasure.

Prior to being an advisor for Midnight Insanity, he was the leader of a singles group at one of the largest Christian churches in Southern California.

"I was not getting the support I needed from the church to operate effectively," he says. After several unproductive meetings with the pastor he quit. It was about that time that he first went to see Midnight Insanity, which was in its first year in Long Beach after the closure of the Balboa in Newport Beach, where they had been for four years prior.

Mark first saw Rocky in Texas: "I had seen the show a few times in '83 in Houston at the Alabama, but remembered very little except we would smuggle beer in via the cast members costume bags." It was not until he saw the movie on video that he even comprehended the story line.

He was fascinated by the show in Long Beach, where he first went in August of 1992. "I went with about 13 people that I had met on computer bulletin boards and one friend visiting from Houston. The cast marched down to their hullabaloo and the James Bond theme and was blown away."

He was so impressed that he offered to assist the cast with his business experience and financial background. "The first thing I did was collect $375 on a contract that UCLA was trying to avoid paying for a Halloween show on campus."

Shortly after that he began playing Crim and was the opening Crim for the 20th anniversary show at the Pantages Hollywood in 1995. He became an advisor in December of 1992 and is an avid Rocky Collector. He boasts possession of three movie novels, an 8-track version of the soundtrack, a postcard to him from Nell Campbell, and actual RHPS rolling papers in his collection which is valued at over $2,500.

"The cast has been a meaningful blessing in my life. As friends they have helped me to add dimension to my life. I am always able to find someone to go have fun with or just hang out. Various people in the cast have helped me with every aspect of my life, both personally and professionally. It is rare that one has more than a handful of good friends. With the people I have met through this cast, and other casts because I am affiliated with Midnight Insanity are real treasures in my life."

Mark wrote a sequel to Rocky which MI performed as an original performance in January of 1996. He also co-wrote "Transylvanian Paradise", a spoof on the Coolio hit "Gangsta's Paradise" which drew great reviews from the crowd at the Vegas Convention in June of 96.

Mark was barely in Rocky a year when he and Kristine Martin (See COTN II) coordinated their casts hosting of the 18th Anniversary National Convention "The Age Of Consent". Certainly in less than 3 1/2 years in Rocky he has accomplished nearly everything one could hope for, yet every day he seeks new challenges and works to develop his own skills as he takes a visionary approach to Rocky, always striving to chart new territory and to keep the experience fun, exciting and unique.

And by having Rocky as a springboard to develop his creative talents, he is currently editing a screenplay that he co-wrote with his brother that has drawn the attention of two producers and looks like it will actually make it to film.

He enjoys sports, movies and computers. His daughter, Crystal, is currently 10 and has seen SOME of the show twice. "In a few years, when she is able to separate healthy recreation and life's responsibilities, she will be a regular too.

Mark is also organizing a 24 hour volunteer teen crisis intervention hotline, sponsored and staffed by Midnight Insanity. "I always try to help keep our cast on the cutting edge. These people are good people. With the right opportunity, Rocky people can do extraordinary things."

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