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May 1996 Fan

Mad Man Mike Ellenbogen

Mad Man Mike & Bill Brennan • Favorite TV shows: The Monkees, Red Dwarf, Young Ones
• Favorite Films: (other then Rocky related)- A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum, The Producers, Forbbiden Zone
• Favorite stars: Richard O'Brien, Groucho Marx, Mel Brooks, Soupy Sales
• Favorite Rocky quote: "It seems like only yesterday since he went... to pieces"
• Personal quote: "The only sanity worth having lies on the other side of madness"

Mad Man Mike Ellenbogen started performing at the Marboro theater in Brooklyn, New York City in 1983. Six months later he made his debut at the 8th Street Playhouse as Dr. Scott (age 13). He took the part because it was the only part available at the time (and back then parts were hard to come by), until four months later when a Brad was needed. He was a very good Brad, but he had always set his sights on playing Riff. Being a good Brad no one thought that he was right to play Riff Raff. Until two years latter in an emergency he was cast as Riff. He did not let his moment of triumph go to waste. Since that day he has been NYC's resident Riff Raff (and now no one thinks he right to play any other part). Through the years Mike has attended the 10th, 15th and 20th anniversaries, worked on two plays produced by Sal Piro, and has done live shows and appearances to promote Rocky Horror all over the world.

Rocky is not Mike's only interest. He and Bill Brennan, two of the world's biggest Shock Treatment fans, have started the Official Shock Treatment Fan Club, of which he is President. As of the last few years Mike has been Playing Cosmo McKinley in performances of Shock Treatment all around the country along with doing Riff Raff every Weekend. He says the reason he likes doing these parts is that every time he goes to another place to do a show he gets to meet more of his brothers and sisters around the country. He went on to say that " one of the biggest thrills about doing the special shows (conventions) is that I'm not performing for a random group of people like I do every weekend, but I'm performing for people who love the same thing I love and it creates a special electricity that you couldn't duplicate if you tried".

The Shock Treatment Fan Club was started recently by Mad Man Mike Ellenbogen and Bill Brennan, after a ceremony held by Sal Piro at the 1996 Albany Convention, for all of the fans who feel that ST doesn't get all the attention it deserves. With a free newsletter that comes out four times a year, they keep their members in touch with all the latest information pertaining to ST, and where live performances are being done. There are also plans for a fanzine entitled "Hoopla!" were all the fans can send in stories, drawings and reviews of live performances to be shared with other fans. The fan club is free to join.

If you would like more information you can write the Official Shock Treatment Fan Club:

Official Shock Treatment Fan Club
118 Perry Street #J46
New York, NY 10014

Or you can E-mail the fan club at:

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