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April 1996 Fan

Philippe Robert Dejean

Updated May 2006

Brooklyn-born Philippe Robert Dejean a.k.a. "Esquire, Boy Genius", is a long-time veteran of the RHPS lifestyle. He discovered RHPS while attending the High School of Music & the Arts and his existence has never been the same since. He attended the 8th St. Playhouse religiously as well as playing Brad at the Marboro theatre in Brooklyn. Phil utilized his flair for the artistic and after painting Eddie jackets for the 8th Street members. Sal asked him why didn't he make a jacket for himself and join the 8th Street cast?

He worked his way up the cast hierarchy into a clandestine inner circle of RHPS elite that held the sacred duty of handling the RHPS Fan Club mail from around the globe, a job he takes seriously to this very day. Phil is also the Fan Club's resident artist, illustrating everything from theatre playbills and flyers to all the art in the "Prop List" section on this very website. One of his main loves is comic books and has illustrated several self-published mini comics and has even done RHPS strips for 'zines like "Unconventional Conventionalist" and "Madness takes it's toll".

Phil was also the cast coordinator for the NYC theater when it moved to the Eastside Cinema and UA Movieland 8th Street. His fondest RHPS moments are meeting fellow Rocky enthusiasts around the world. "Before RH I was this lonely withdrawn nebbish. I'm glad to know there are lots of other weirdoes just like me." People tend to recognize Phil for his stylized coiffure: a large sprout of hair he refers to as his "Quiff".

Phil is still doing his NYC cable television show "Checkerboard Kids" (a mix of comedy and Ska music) with his co-host "the Masked Mutant". Phil is a teacher of illustration in Manhattan, and still performs on occasion as Eddie at the Clearview Cinemas on 23rd Street in New York City. His individual style of performing, his artwork, his devotion to the scene and his endless hours of helping Sal Piro out with the fan club have earned Phil a very special spot in the Rocky Horror scene. Yay Boy Genius!

Phil Dejean

Checkerboard Kids
12:30 AM, Thursday Night/Friday Morning, Channel 67 (bi-weekly)
3 AM, Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, Channel 57 (bi-weekly)
Manhattan Neighborhood Network

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