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Spring 2017 Cast

The Rich Weirdoes

Orlando, FL

The Rich Weirdoes have been Orlando's Rocky Horror Shadow Cast troupe since 2002. After the original Orlando cast disbanded in the mid 1990's, Ben Weinberg and Ofir Eyal made the decision to reunite old cast members, almost ten years later, for a one-run performance from September to October at the South Chase Cinema in Orlando. It was then that the Loews Cinema at Universal Studios CityWalk approached the performers to do a show at CityWalk for Halloween. The cast performed their run at the South Chase Cinema, packed up Halloween night, and performed at the Loews Cinema at Universal Studios. Shortly after that, the Loews theatre approached the Rich Weirdoes about a regular performance schedule, and now the Rich Weirdoes have been performing at the Loews/AMC Theatre at Universal Studios CityWalk since 2002!

Ofir took control of the cast once it moved to CityWalk and directed for 10 years before retiring, but still remains as a cast executive.

Since providing a home for the Rich Weirdoes since 2002, AMC has been incredibly kind to the cast and in return, the show runs on a more "PC" AP script. Audience members are welcome to say what they please, but cast members are advised to keep in mind we are performing at a theme park and out of respect to AMC, tone it back a little or follow the golden 3 rule- no pedophile, dead baby, or abortion jokes, please!

The Rich Weirdoes want anyone to be able to join cast. With no audition process, and a 'show up and you're on cast' mentality, we strive to make everyone feel included. The founding principle of cast will always be that "no matter what you look like, where you're from, what your talent is- everyone deserves to be on stage, feel sexy, and get applause so long as you dedicate yourself" (Ofir). We are a go at your own pace cast and while everyone starts as a Tranzie or tech, there is no limit to what roles you can learn or do on this cast.

Due to our location and popular shows, we strive for screen accuracy. Thanks to AMC, we're allowed to store set pieces backstage year round, and are therefore able to go above and beyond to put on the best stage-show quality shadow cast that we can. With a stage and a full light system, we strive to create as much of a theatre feeling for the audience as possible. When you arrive at a show, Trixie and Tranzies will be in the lobby greeting people as well as selling our prop bags and t-shirts. We pride ourselves on our actors' dedication and screen accuracy, so we are one of the few casts that have every character's costumes, wigs, and props (everything from black Tranzie Jackets to full character wardrobes) available backstage for use each show! We want people to join cast and not feel that they can't "afford" to be on cast due to having to purchase their own wigs and costumes.

Most importantly, as a cast, the Rich Weirdoes believe in kindness above all else. Our number one rule is to be nice to each other, and to audience members. We want you to feel welcome in our home when you come to a show, or join cast (hint...hint....), so if you ever see us, please say hello and make our day!

The Rich Weirdoes perform year round, every second and fourth Friday and Saturday of the month. We also have away shows, such as The Orlando Gay Days convention, UNF, and FIT- a calendar with all of our shows can be found at our website, and if interested in booking a performance (local to Florida) please email us at .

We hope to see you soon, and remember, stay weird!

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