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September 2007 Cast

The Sweet Transvestites

Paris, France

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The Sweet Transvestites: throne scene The Sweet Transvestites shadow cast was created by Brigitte (Magenta) and Christophe (Riff Raff) in May 2001. Their first official performance took place on June 9th, 2001, for a private performance for a gay and bisexual high school association.

Since then, they have been performing every Saturday at the Studio Galande, the only cinema in France to own the copyrights and the only subtitled movie reel. It's a small independent theatre with only 83 seats so the Sweet Ts' show is always sold out.

The Sweet Transvestites: Riff and Rocky Besides, the Sweet Ts is the first cast in France to offer a screen accurate show and above all screen accurate costumes. The cast members even do the callbacks, as the French audience usually don't know any. But they are always glad to hear callbacks from foreign audience members!

They also regularly welcome guest performers such as Jesse Merlin (Narrator), Perry Bedden (who played the Usherette), Emma Fork (from Dr Scott's Extra Forks), Werner (from Another Planet) and many other foreign cast members.

Members of the Sweet Ts with Richard O'Brien On June 25th, 2005, at the Vegas Convention, thanks to Ruth Fink-Winter, Sal Piro (president and founder of the RHPS Official International Fan Club) approved The Sweet Transvestites as his representative in France and as the Official French Rocky Horror Fan Club.

Then, in April 2007, thanks to their friend Perry Bedden, they got the opportunity to meet Richard O'Brien, who congratulated them on their costumes (all made by Brigitte) and on the Space Gun (made by Christophe as well as the rest of the props).

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