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May 2000 Cast

Mercy Killings

Montreal, Canada

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Rocky Horror in Montreal is kind of a strange thing - being that we are a bilingual city with at least half of our population being French speaking, it makes it difficult to draw in a regular crowed. However, we do perform a few times a year including 3 to 5 times Halloween weekend at our current home, the beautiful old Imperial Cinema. The theatre seats nearly 1,000 people and we do sell out!

According to 20th Century Fox Toronto's ticket sales of the past two years, we are the biggest selling Rocky Horror show at Halloween in all of North America!

Only recently have we taken on the name MERCY KILLINGS. Montreal has had Rocky Horror in its midst for 20 years now but a name was never settled on. We are pleased to have this new identity like so many other casts.

In the past, the now newly named cast has had many wonderful opportunities on top of performing to sell out audiences at Halloween. We have performed outdoors for the Montreal World Film Festival. We have twice played a charity gig in conjunction with a local radio station, and we have had the opportunity to travel a bit as well - In April '99, we took a road trip to perform at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire and some of our cast members made the trek out to the 23rd anniversary convention in New York City.

It is mainly in the past 3 years or so, however, that the cast has really grown (we are now some thirty or so cast members!) and its popularity has spread. We've enjoyed a whole lot of publicity including news paper articles and television coverage on PULSE - Montreal's most watched news channel - and twice now dancing the Time Warp on our local music video station's Halloween edition dance party.

Should you ever find yourself in the area around Halloween, please do drop by. We'd love to have you. And we promise you one hell of a good time!

The Cast of Mercy Killings is:

Producer: Phil Spurrell
Co-Producer/Host: Alan Yates
Director: Jessica Kardos
Stage Manager: Tarik El Babarti
Frank: Cedric Robert
Brad: Tristan Brand
Janet: Caroline Portron
Riff: Ron Barkhouse
Magenta: Leni Zambellas
Alternate Magenta: Marisa Rossy
Columbia: Jessica Kardos
Rocky: Dave Topolniski
Eddie: Matt Beeby
Dr. Scott: James Allport
The Crim: Martin Hickman

Trixie(s): Melanie Garcia, Jasmine Noel, James Allport, Leni Zambellas

Corp of Transylvanians:

Alan Yates (Head Tranny), Kim Gregorik
Allie Tsouvaltsidus, Marisa Rossy
Diana Gee-Silverman, Melanie Garcia
Jasmine Noel, Stephanie Bingham
Eric Gee-Silverman, Delphine Noel
Heidi Reuben, Kelly Stotland
Rebecca Miller, Celeste Dawson
Natacha Béchard, Magenta Baribeau
Melissa-Ann Miller, Pascal Tourgeon

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