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October 1998 Cast

Lip Service

Belfast, Ireland

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Lip Service is the Belfast, Rocky Horror Picture Show performance group. Its birth was an idea nurtured by Roisin, Davy and Darren around Christmas 1992. Soon they recruited friends and other like minded Rocky Horror fans from around Northern Ireland who regularly attended the showings of the film at the Queens Film Theatre. Credit must be given to the Queens Film Theatre who not only supported the creation of the performance group, but is the only Belfast cinema who regularly shows the RHPS and allows participation.

They reckoned that if other towns and cities could have a performance cast, then why not Belfast.

Many performance groups choose their names from lines of the film dialogue; Creatures of the Night, Sins of the Flesh, Crazed Imagination. In Belfast however the name literally choose itself. It was selected in honour of Patricia Quinn, who played the original Magenta character on both stage and screen. As Patricia was born and raised in the city of Belfast, and it was her lips which introduced the film version and therefore becoming synonymous with Rocky Horror throughout the world, the name seemed a logical choice.

Most of the members of the group are members of the British fan club TimeWarp and the Rocky Horror Picture Show Official Fan Club based in New York. In fact Davy, one of the founder members is the only recognised Representative of TimeWarp outside of Tonbridge in Kent. The Group members have also appeared in various publications and newspapers throughout the UK:

• The Rocky Horror Show '21st Anniversary Tour Brochure'.
• During a production of the Show in Northampton, Anglia Television interviewed some of the group for their ‘Weekend’ programme.
• Ulster Television in conjunction with Cool FM ran a showing of the film at the Queens Film Theatre, Belfast when they filmed the group getting ready before hand, and then performing.
• Darren the resident Riff Raff, was interviewed for a feature on Ulster PictureTelevisions, UTV Live about local people with unusual hobbies/pastimes. {What's unusual about it?}
• On a number of occasions group members have also been interviewed on BBC Radio Ulster.
• Various articles have also appeared in local newspapers advertising showings of the film and performances by Lip Service.
• We've also had a rather strange review by the Irish News. The writer didn't really seem to have a clue about Rocky Horror! Well any publicity is good publicity!

Although members of a Picture Show performance cast, the first love of a significant number of group is the theatrical stage production of the show. This is reflected in some of the costumes used during pre-shows which are based on stage costumes used of the last number of years. Examples include, Riff-Raff with purple back-combed hair, the nurse's costumes from 'Once in a While' (deleted from the final film version) and Tony Head's interpretation of Frank, complete with auburn wig!

Such is the camaraderie within Rocky Horror, that on occasions when some of the Belfast group have been unavailable for performances friends and fellow ‘Rocky’ fans have travelled from other parts of the UK to help out. Big thanks to Saffron and Carole, Glasgow and Cathy and Mike, London, for bailing us out at various times over the last years! Also at every film performance in the Queens Film Theatre we give out   newsheets to the audience. These contain more information of a Rocky Horror nature, advertisements and the all important etiquette; it's not simply a night of screaming at a film screen!

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