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Cosmo's Factory


July 1998 Cast

The Hot Groins

Berlin, Germany

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"The Hot Groins" are a relatively new cast but are composed of the some of the most devoted RHPS and RHS fans in Europe. The cast director of The Hot Groins, Sandra (Magenta) Hylla, runs the cast with the kind assistance of her sister, Stephanie, and also with the help of one of Germany's best Frank N Furters, Antje Tissarek. Together, these three and their casr promote Rocky, perform the show, and attend major functions in their area. The highlight of the casts career so far would be when the Hot Groins had an opportunity to hang out with "the Master himself", Richard O'Brien! Richard attended the opening night of The Rocky Horror Show at the Hebbel Theater in Berlin. This was one of the productions celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Rocky Horror Show. At the climax of the performance, much to the delight of the press and especially to the Hot Groins, Richard sang "Super Heroes". The Hot Groins were right up front to catch all the action.

Besides running a cast of their own and going to see various performances, the cast also has its own fanzine, "The Denton Case News", which features local and international news concerning RHS and RHPS and some really great photos of Richard O'Brien, Tim Curry, the Hot Groins themselves, and some great writing and artwork.

The Hot Groins are now in the second year of performing, and with people like Sandra, Stephanie, and Antje running the show, there should be no end to the fun!



Frank N Furter - Antje Tissarek and Heike
Brad - Vicki
Janet - Sandra #1 and Ricarda
Magenta - Sandra Hylla (Sandra #2) and Manuela
Columbia - Stephanie Hylla
Riff Raff - Manuela
Eddie - Vicky Nicole
Dr. Scott - Wilhelm Carson
Rocky - Ricarda

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