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June 1998 Cast

The Bawdy Caste

San Jose, CA

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The Bawdy Caste The Bawdy Caste of San Jose is the crazy combination of over fifty kooks who simply adore running around in their underwear. They are a sick and twisted melting pot of some of the sexiest members of retired casts such as Berkeley's Indecent Exposure, Palo Alto's Erotic Nightmares, and San Jose's Velvet Darkness, in addition to plenty of demented and talented freaky new recruits.

The Bawdy Caste takes perverse joy in inviting other local (and not-so-local) casts to perform with them whenever possible and gets extreme pleasure out of returning the favor. Their kick-ass ensemble lives for Rocky Cons and cheezy poofs and looks forward to seeing everybody again in Las Vegas this year!

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