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March 1998 Cast

The Lip Schtick Players

Central NJ

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The Lip Schtick Players The Lip Schtick Players are one of the most unique casts in the world for one reason: They do regular shows but they do not have a theater! The Lip Schtick Players are the combined remaining memers of the Westfield, Bound Brook and Somerville, NJ casts. After these three casts lost their last theater, the surviving members banded together to form "a cast without a home."

This soon worked to their advantage. The Lip Schtick Players perform in the central NJ area at a number of coffee houses, colleges, gay bars and special events. They don't have the advantage of a theater, but they also don't have any of the pressures, either. No management hassles, no burn-out, no crap with annoying fans or cast members who cause problems.

They do the show to a video tape on a screen and have incoporated "Once in a While" to the act, along with several live pre-show numbers.

The cast was created by a long-time RHPS veteran named Anthony Yanatelli who has since passed away. The cast has carried on without him, but his cast spirit is still there in earnest. Future show dates will be posted as they are announced for those who are interested and live in the Central NJ area.

The Lip Schtick Players

Frank - Mark Taylor
Brad - William Case
Janet - Jeanette Ruffi
Riff - Clinton Walker
Magenta - Beth Ann Snyder
Columbia - Sue Kugler
Rocky - Chris Schmidt
Eddie - Ray Sopko
Crim - Eddie "Virginia" Hamm
Dr. Scott - Ray Sopko

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