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March 1997 Cast

Excited Mental State

Toronto, Canada

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Excited Mental State is one of Canada's older casts, and has been performing in one form or other for the last ten years. The cast currently performs at Toronto's Bloor Cinema. The cast members themselves enjoy performing the show and visiting other casts. Just recently, Excited Mental State's Riff Raff, Colin Auld, made a visit to the New York City Rocky Horror cast. The NY City cast was most impressed with Colin's Friendliness and his manner as a Rocky Rep from another country.

Another notable cast member is the one and only Wanda MacRae as the cast's Janet (Check out her photo in Creatures of the Night II) and Amy Taylor as Columbia - veteran Rocky fans both.

And not only does Excited Mental State perform the show, they have their own fanzine, They Came From Denton High. The fanzine has such features as original stories, letters to the editor, reviews of other casts, Riff Raff's Handy Dandy Bedtime Stories, an "Ask Cosmo McKinley" advice column, and more!

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