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March 1996 Cast

A Jump to the Left

Tucson, AZ

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THE LOFT CINEMA, 3233 East Speedway, is Tucson's premier art theatre, and has been screening RHPS since 1978. Today, RHPS shows the first and third Saturday of each month in the downstairs theatre, which holds approximately 400 seats and the largest indoor screen in Tucson. Audience size for a "regular" Rocky showing averages between 200 - 250 people, while special "theme" nights draw average audiences of 300, and Halloween showings often fill the theatre. Admission price is just $4.50. The downstairs theatre is wheelchair-accessible. To hear the Loftians' cheerful voices in their delightful recitation of show times, call (520) 795-7777; to reach them in person at the box office, call (520) 321-4470.

A JUMP TO THE LEFT has been performing under that name since 1990, and is proud to have had members perform at the 16th, 18th, and 20th anniversary national RHPS conventions. AJTTL feels their goal is to have fun with you, the audience, and the best way to do it is to get naked (of course, EZ Cheese helps).

(in order of appearance)

* SABASTIAN TANTRAAS as Brad Majors *: While living in Tucson, Sebastian held jobs at two local radio stations and KVOA, the Tucson NBC affiliate. He is currently working on a journalism degree at ASU; but in his spare time he becomes The Bondage Angel (tm), fighting crime and dull parties everywhere. An avid Star Trek fan, his ultimate fantasy is making whoopee with both Wesley Crusher and Tasha Yar in a large vat of parsley.

* VERITY LILY as Janet Weiss *: Verity, which means "truth" in French, is truly as sweet as she looks, but not as innocent (she DID do it!). This 19-year-old-actress says she comes to Rocky Horror to meet fellow delinquents in a "den of iniquity" atmosphere (we agree, it is the best place). Verity is one of three cast advisors.

* CASEY LIPKE as the Criminologist *: A jump to the left from the standard, stuffy, male Crim, Casey first saw RHPS because she was drunk and confused, and meant to see "Like Water for Chocolate". What a shock! A cross between Nancy Vicious and a Vegas showgirl, Casey says her hobbies are boozin' and faloozin'. We know she also has a thing for men in kilts and Jacuzzi baths. She adds color to our cast, to say the least.

* JOHN MARQUIS as Riff-Raff *: He's not waiting for the Candyman, he IS the Candyman: the way he bounces off the walls, you'd swear this self-proclaimed ladykiller was high, but it's his natural state. True story: three weeks after falling down a 60-foot cliff, John was doing somersaults in our theatre. In costume.

* KATE PITROFF as Magenta *: At that indeterminate age between 23 and 28, Kate likes to perform Rocky because it provides her with a good excuse to buy squeaky patent leather underthings and thigh-high bitch boots, but who needs an excuse for that? (not us.) Kate is also one of three cast advisors.

* AMBER WEST as Tranny Coordinator *: Amber has seen Rocky over 100 times, and she likes it here because it is an extremely happy, open-minded, and accepting place to be. She enjoys her role as a Transylvanian best because it's a small part and it gives her time to socialize. Her ultimate fantasy involves the makings of a hot fudge sundae, 4 rolls of black-and-white film, and a pint of Tequila.

* RACHEL MANDELBERG as Columbia *: This flaming heterosexual has seen Rocky over 200 times since 1990, and recalls the strangest thing that ever happened to her at Rocky was being hit on buy a guy and his girlfriend at the same time. She has never disclosed the results of their hit.

* WILLIE CABRERA as Dr. Frank-N-Furter *: Ask to see ALL of his body piercings! In Willie's spare time, he enjoys masturbation and his subscription to "Transvestites Weekly". He fancies himself a God of Love and would like to apply his skills in the future as a call-guy in Rio.

* DALE JETER as Rocky Horror *: While enjoying a refreshing Tic-Tac, this lovely young man and talented artist recently admitted he can't suck on anything for long without biting it, and then munched the mint into oblivion. The latest addition to our cast, Dale admits he's offended by pretty much everything, especially Disneyland. We're sure he'll hate this bio.

* GLENN STOCKELBURG as Eddie *: Age is no object for this 35-year-old, who has usurped Charley's role as "Oldest Cast Member". Glenn enjoys performing Eddie because it's a one-shot deal, and he likes to give people something to chew on. He hopes to some day find his own Rocky Horror, and he heartily approves of the way Dale fills out his golden trunks.

* TAMARA GREENWELL as Dr. Everett Scott *: Tamara is our resident fag hag. Her only goal is to convince the entire gay male population of Tucson to go straight and sleep with her. Anita Bryant is flying in from Florida this weekend to team forces with her.

* Our beloved TRANNY STAFF *: Sunny Albright (alternate Columbia and Magenta) has gained fame by her fabulous flashing, especially while dressed as a Rocky Horror cheerleader. While it's hard to believe, "Sunny Albright" is not an alias. Trust us. We checked her learner's permit.

TRAVIS JONQUIL (alternate Riff-Raff) is the man with the silver vinyl pants and the sly look. Travis' younger brother and sister recently won our "Glam Nite" costume contest by wearing lingerie they borrowed from his closet (we're so proud).

CANDICE KLAILA (alternate Magenta) is a professional costumer who continually amazes us with her creations. She also has a special talent for convincing people to donate fabulous prizes for our contests. We have no idea how she does it, but when she comes back, she often has the most intriguing puckered expression on her face...

ELIZABETH KUEHL (alternate Columbia) wowed us at the 20th convention with her fab costume and comely smile. She's a reformed cheerleader who couldn't handle being permanently perky. She also enjoys playing with Legos.

STEPHANIE METZGER (alternate Columbia) can be summed up in a few words: she's cute, she's Mod, she's ours. Eat your hearts out.

ARIEL MILNER (alternate Magenta) is a 19 year-old from Kalamazoo who enjoys RHPS because the thought of scantily-clad transvestites overtaking America's heartland appeals to her. An aspiring actress, Ariel recently showed her versatility by appearing in "The Wizard of Oz" as both a Munchkin and a tree.

DAMON O'LEARY (alternate Brad, Rocky, and Riff-Raff) performs traditional Scottish dance while wearing red polka-dot boxers underneath his kilt. What's not to love?

TRACIE SCOFIELD (alternate Columbia, Crim, and Janet) likes it at the Show because she can sexually harass men and not be looked down upon for it. She is looking for a guy who likes to wear her clothes and whose favorite place to do it is the mattress department at Foley's.

MIKE TRAIL-WARDELL (the big loud guy in the back) enjoys his part because he gets to scare people and doesn't need a costume. Mike was born in the state of confusion, and was raised in the wild by lesbian lawyers. His parents think RHPS is a good place for him to meet girls. Looking over our bios, we'd have to agree.

AND * CHARLEY BROWN as Autistic Director *: Our oldest cast member, Charley is 32, and one of three cast advisors. He has seen RHPS over a thousand times since 1978, and has attended five national conventions, playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter on at least eight different stages, including the live theater features during the Fox RHPS broadcast in October 1993 (look for him in the Lab scenes!). Legend has it that Charley makes the butter for the Loft popcorn... by hand!

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