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December 1995 Cast

Midnight Insanity

Long Beach, CA

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Midnight Insanity - Throne Scene Midnight Insanity began at the Balboa Theatre in Newport Beach, California in 1988. When the Balboa closed in 1991, the cast moved to the Art Theatre at Forth and Cherry in Long Beach, and have performed Saturdays at Midnight there ever since.

Midnight Insanity - Eddie and Columbia They are the only Rocky cast to be honored by a municipality as the mayor of proclaimed January 17th, 1995 "Midnight Insanity Day" in Long Beach in recognition of their various fundraising activities and work with local youth.

The cast and its members have performed at national conventions at Fox studios in Hollywood for the 15th, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and most recently in Hollywood at the 20th. After their special performance at the Pantages, Richard O'Brien requested the backdrop they had painted and used as a set. Midnight Insanity - Janet and Brad In 1993 Midnight Insanity sponsored and hosted "The Age of Consent," a National Convention at the Hilton in Long Beach commemorating the 18th Anniversary, attended by fans from across the country which featured an appearance by Radio legend, Dr. Demento. At that convention over $1000 was raised for AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Midnight Insanity cast members have won several awards for costumes including "Midget Transylvanian", "Transylvanian", "Janet", "Eddie", "Magenta", and "Columbia." At the Twentieth, Midnight Insanity won for Eddie, Riff, Magenta and Transylvanian.

Media Credits

Special original performance at 20th Anniversary fan club party at The Roxy
Special original performance at the 20th at the Pantages
Featured in VH-1 Documentary shown 10/95
Time Warped with ROB and Quinn on syndicated Stephanie Miller Show 10/19/95
Performed at press conference for 20th in Hollywood
Featured on CNN segment about 20th Anniversary
Seen on UPN News Channel 13 LA
Rocky Horror documentary shown in Germany, 1993
Request Video, KDOC
Fox Television national broadcast of the movie in October of '93
Books: "Creature of the Night" and "Creatures of the Night II"
Hosted "Peoples Choice Video"
Co-Hosted "The Love Channel" with ex KROQ D.J. Poorman.
Entered in "Doo Dah" parade for the last six years
Featured in the Long Beach Press Telegram, L. A. Times and O. C. Register
Produced their own video documentary commemorating 18th anniversary
Recorded Audience Participation track for upcoming Laser Disc
Featured in video footage in Fifteenth Anniversary video release
Featured video footage on upcoming Laser Disc
Will be seen on VH-1 Documentary 10/28/95
Fox 11 News broadcast 10/28/95
Publish national newsletter, The Rocky Report for insiders

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