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Summer 1997

TOP STORY: Tim Curry will be starring in his own sitcom this fall on ABC. The name of the show is "Over the Top" and it co-stars Tim's good friend Annie Potts. "Over the Top" will air Tuesday nights at 8:30 p.m. Tim Curry is also making a movie called "Doom Runners" which is referred to as a kid's version of "Mad Max"

Richard O'Brien reports that he still has more studio work to do on his Mephistopheles Smith "Disgracefully Yours" CD. When this CD is released, it will be available through the fan club... Richard O'Brien's film "Dark City" is scheduled to be released sometime in the fall... Richard O'Brien and Barry Humphries (of "Shock Treatment") are filming roles in the new Spice Girls movie being made in England.

Barry Bostwick's sitcom "Spin City" has been renewed for a second season on ABC. Also, congratulations to Barry Bostwick who has just recovered from successful surgery for prostate cancer.

This past season's finale of "The Drew Carey Show" featured a big Time Warp dance scene in the finale with the show's main characters dresses as RHPS characters. In the background were members of the Midnight Insanity cast from Long Beach, CA. Look for this show in re-runs. (Tim, Barry, Drew Carey: All on ABC! Thank you, ABC, from all Rocky Horror fans!)

Susan Sarandon is scheduled to make the movie Stepmom with Julia Roberts.

Meatloaf sings "Hot Patootie" on his new CD "Live Around the World"

The new video release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the U.S. will be coming out in the Fall. This will include "Superheroes", "Once In A While", and other footage from the laser disc...

There will be a new boxed set of CDs (Soundtrack, "Roxy", "Audience Participation" and "Sing It") with an updated booklet. Look for this in the fall.

For those Fans on-line, we hope you enjoy our official web site. We will be updating it each month with new cast and fan profiles. (To fully appreciate the site you should have Netscape.).... As the Fan Club grows with the advancement of modern technology, we will be starting an E-mailing List to automatically send out the "New News" on-line. Please E-mail me at: Do not E-mail me from a temporary address -- this would be useless. You can also use this to send any problems with theaters and prints, etc. But do not expect me to answer all questions. (I am one person.) .... Anyone who is not on-line can still get the "News" the traditional way.

For information on the 64-page full color anniversary issue of Crazed Imaginations, send a S.A.S.E to:

Crazed Imaginations

216 Filbert St.

Roselle Park, NJ -- 07204.

(This issue is a highly recommended by the Fan Club).

Dori Hartley (original NYC Frank-N-Furter) has recorded her first CD entitled Blue Djinn (available through Fan Club).

For info on a ROCKY-related novel by former fan club rep, send S.A.S.E to:

Eric Bradshaw

65 Woodstock Rd.

Rochester, NY -- 14609-7652


THE REVENGE OF THE OLD QUEEN, the planned sequel to The ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW has been put on hold. There are no plans to film it in the near future.

For your information, the birth dates of the RHPS stars: Jon Adams 2/l4, Barry Bostwick 2/24, Richard O'Brien 3/25, Tim Curry 4/19, Nell 5/24, Pat Quinn 5/28, Charles Gray 8/29, Susan Sarandon 10/4, Meatloaf 9/27, Peter Hinwood 5/17.... All fan mail for the ROCKY stars is always forwarded by the Fan Club -- but we cannot guarantee an answer.

Attention FAN CLUB MEMBERS: New News will come out every three months (April, July, October and January). To receive it, send S.A.S.E. at appropriate time and mark "New News" on the envelope. This is Summer 1997 News. Foreign members must send one international reply coupon for "News."

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